Management Services

We offer many management services, here are only few important services:

We believe the best and most cost effective way to service the homeowners and provide information is to create a website owned and operated for the community. It is the easiest way for each board member, trustee and home owner to have instant access to all of the community documents and up-to-date information. This is available for every community at truly remarkable prices today. A fully functional website can provide a calendar of activities, archives of all annual reports, a message blog for home owners to share ideas and reduce the costs associated with full time community employees. We can help develop that website and recommend every community do so.

Reporting Services
Board members may view, edit, enter or update data in real time information directly to our host files system. Each program allows the board to monitor events using a computer from anywhere they have web access.

Capital Expenditures
Many management firms utilize the engineering report developed by the community developer when the property was built, or converted to a condominium, or home owners association. We recommend a much more diligent and ongoing approach to understanding the costs of the of the buildings and maintenance of the landscaping and grounds. We believe an analysis of capital reserves and capital expenditures be reviewed annually, and, if necessary, be thoroughly revised every five years. We endeavor to understand the cost of maintaining the physical plants on a very exacting process. This reduces the possibility of an expensive unknown becoming an expensive repair and possible assessment to the homeowners.

We have strong experience working with fine engineering companies and have supervised the construction management of more than $100 million dollars of capital improvement projects. We know that it is important to spend capital expenditures wisely and properly.

Approved Service Vendors and Suppliers
We have worked with many qualified and excellent service and supply companies and recommend only the most qualified vendors to our community home owners.